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We're Waiting for You inside THE VIP CLUB!

It gets lonely creating and decorating all by yourself.
  • You want a community.
  • You want fresh creative ideas.
  • You want collaboration with others.
All on a budget... This is why I created Southern Crush Creative Club VIP. 

Inside of Southern Crush Creative Club VIP, will be a growing, collaborative, creative community of like-minded women who want to create and decorate with crafts on a budget.

As a VIP, each month, you’ll have access to a fresh weekly craft project delivered LIVE complete with supply list, enjoy exclusive discounts on creative supplies and learn from our guest DIY experts - all from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, you will have LIFETIME access to ALL Official Craftathon Videos Past and Future!




"There was so much more than I realized! Once I logged in and saw how EASY it was to scroll through the videos and tutorials I was truly amazed! Now ... where do I start? Which idea do I start with? LOL”
What You Get as a VIP for only $17/month:
  • Weekly "live" DIY guest where we work on projects together, laugh & relax
  • Community of awesome DIY sistas to bounce your ideas off of
  • Exclusive 'LIFETIME' access to all Southern Crush Craftathon events
  • Exclusive club VIP discounts on creative supplies when available
  • Fresh ideas shared weekly

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This is a no obligation, "CANCEL ANYTIME" group.